College Sex Talk

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  • Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross

    Excellent site devoted to sex education and the liberation of masturbating, with great access to information on sex toys, literature, and more.

  • welcomes both male and female surfers who are interested in learning more about female masturbation and sexuality

  • Jack In World

    Site on the joys of masturbation with tips of the week, recent headlines concerning masturbation, and general information on the joys of self-pleasure.

  • Let’s Masturbate

    Tips for both men and women with tips, erotica, sex humor, fetishes, health, and great links to help get you in the mood.

  • Masturbation and the Bible

    Excerpt from the Teen Sex Survival Manual regarding masturbation in the Bible.

  • Masturbation Cafe

    List of slang terms for both male and female masturbation

  • Masturbation FAQ’s

    Answers to all of your FAQ's about masturbation

  • SOLO

    Focuses on the natural, healthful, and pleasurable act of masturbation by promoting positive attitudes in men and women about their bodies and their sexualities.

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