College Sex Talk

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  • Coalition for Positive Sexuality

    The Coalition for Positive Sexuality is a grassroots, not-for-profit, activist organization providing teens with candid sex education materials.

  • Dr. Drew

    Website by Dr. Drew about sex, relationships and advice for anyone with questions about many different topics.

  • Dr. Marty Klein’s Ask Me Anything

    Licensed marriage counselor and sex therapist, Dr. Marty Klein, answers common questions about human sexuality and sexual issues.

  • Dr. Ruth

    Devoted to America's leading sex therapist, this site includes sex tips, recent Q and A's, and the opportunity to have your personal questions answered.

  • Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network

    Geared toward every sexual orientation

  • Go Ask Alice

    Produced by Columbia University, this site offers answers to common questions about sexuality, heath, and fitness.

  • How to Have Good Sex

    Great site dedicated to the art of sexual pleasing including sex tips, videos, toys, aphrodisiacs, and a chat-room for tips and advice.

  • I Wanna Know

    Promoting sexual health and prevention for teens.

  • San Fransisco Sex Information

    Non-profit organization devoted to providing anonymous information about sex, such as sexual and gender identity, safe sex practices, and birth control options.

  • Sex Info

    Excellent resource for all your questions

  • Sex Therapy Online

    Great Q & A site under the leadership of Dr. Peter Sand or Gardos, with expert advice, e-mail consultation, sex toys, books, and a sex glossary.

  • SEX, ETC.

    A website by teens for teens on teen sexual health issues - answer your questions on sexuality.

  • Sexual Fitness

    Sexuality experts offer advise on arrange of topics.

  • Sexual Health

    Provides advice to your sexual questions - answers provided by leading professionals in the field of human sexuality.

  • Society for Human Sexuality

    This site, from the society for human sexuality, has great information about sex book, toys, videos, as well as learning more about sex through flirting, erotic massage, sexual talk, and "putting it all together."

  • The Sexuality Forum

    Ask Isadora any question you want.

  • Your Sex Coach

    Personal coaching from Dr. Patti Britton, this site offers answers to frequent sexual questions and access to others sex secrets and dilemmas.

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