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I have often thought about getting nipple piercings, but I know that my nipples are already incredibly sensitive. I feel as though I would be horny all. the. time. How would I ever get anything accomplished?

Personally I am not a fan of piercings for many reasons. I only have my ears pierced, two on each ear, because otherwise I think it can get trashy. I always support my friends if they want to get their body parts pierced because it is obviously their decision, but I would never do it on myself. I know a lot of people with belly button and nipple piercings who wish they never got them due to infection, attaching onto clothes, and them taking way too long to heal.

I think nipple and septum piercings are cute on everyone and but i dont think i would get them because of the pain and care that is needed lol.

I think nipple piercings on a girl can be very flattering, on a guy however I don't find it attractive but also wouldn't mind it. Clitoris piercings personally would not want one.


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