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How to tell someone you are in love with them


I think that if you know you are in love with someone, you should tell them. Personally, however, I would not tell that person right away, even if I knew my feelings. I knew that I was in love with my current boyfriend for a while before he said it, but I wanted to wait for him to say it before I did, because I was scared about him not having the same feelings. I don't think thats something everyone should do, but it was my preference at the time.

Personally, I think it's really hard to tell someone you love them for the first time. I am the kind of person that says "Love you," all of the time to my family and friends, but when it comes to a significant other, it just seems different. It's sometimes something that can bother you, for instance, what if the person does not feel the same. There is so much anxiety around the topic of telling someone you love them. Honestly, if you feel you do love that person, I think you should let them know, within reason. It may be a little creepy if it's on the first date. It's important to let someone know and not hold back. Whatever happens, happens. Maybe that person might be in the same boat as you; anxious and waiting until you say it first. If you truly feel it, speak it.


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