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If you were in a committed relationship, how would you feel about your partner consuming pornography?

I know men and women who become frustrated with their partners for continuing to watch porn while in a relationship with them. Why do you think that is? How would you feel? Why?

I believe if I had a boyfriend I would be perfectly okay with him continuing to watch porn. I think some people become bothered by their significant other watching porn because they may worry it will get in the way of their sex life, expectations will be built, or they will find more pleasure in porn than their partner. I know some people who even think of it as a form of cheating when their SO watches porn, I think thats sort of ridiculous.

As long as I am aware of the fact my partner is viewing some sort of pornography, I am okay with it. For people facing insecurity and anxiety in a relationship I feel that their partner consuming pornography could be quite a problem, however. I think as long as there is some conversation and understanding about the subject, one can decide whether pornography is worth it for them. In the past I have personally experienced anxiety about my significant other watching other women online and becoming disinterested in me, so I do see how it can be an issue in some relationships. My current partner makes me feel completely secure and him viewing pornography can even be a turn on for me, so as long as he tells me about it. Even when I catch him doing this sort of stuff, I feel secure in his embarrassment and assure him I don't mind. As a female consumer of pornography, it mostly makes me want to be with my partner, so I feel that this is a similar phenomenon for others and thus do not feel offended or frustrated when my partner views similar things.

For me personally, I would not mind if my partner watched porn in the relationship. I know everyone has different opinions on this topic. I don't think it harms the relationship in anyway as long as it's done in a responsible way. It would become a problem if porn was chosen over a partner or if it controlled their life. I don't see any negatives to porn being consumed inside of a relationship.

I feel like I'd be fine with it, unless my partner was like obsessively making comments about it, or comparing me/our sex life to everything that they were watching on there. It's one thing to watch, and enjoy and leave it there. It's another thing to watch, and obsess over.

If I was in a committed relationship I'd be more then fine with my partner watching porn. I'd definitely like to know that they are watching it but other then that as long as they don't commit too much time to it or it reduces their interest in being intimate with me I wouldn't really mind.

If I had a gf I would be perfectly fine with her continueing to watch porn while being in a relationship. It can provide an outlet for desires that you’re not yet ready to tell or ask your partner for sexually yet. So I feel confident in letting my partner continue to watch porn

I have been in a long term relationship for 3 years and my SO watches pornograghy and it does not bother me. We have had to do long distance for extended periods of time, multiple times so it helps in times of absence. I dont feel that it affects our sex lives in any negative way.

After reading His Porn, Her Pain by Dr. Klein I have been increasingly interested in this topic. My partner's go to porn category is the 'babysitter' cliché, and to be completely honesty, I don't think I'll ever be hiring an attractive baby sitter because of it. It sounds so childish and outrageous but for some reason I can't help myself from thinking that way. I'm not upset that he watches porn, but if porn triggers him to act on fantasies that'd be a problem. One thing that would really upset me is if my partner had just one pornstar they always watched. That'd make me feel like it's literally that person they are attracted to and want. Does anyone have any experience with a partner having a go to star??

I would be completely fine if my partner in a committed relationship watched pornography. I would only have a problem with it if it interfered with our sex life.

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