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Do you believe that nude photos have a more negative stigma than traditional pornography films?

The porno industry has been around for a long time, of course, and we have more access to material than we ever have. Partaking in pornography films/magazines are legitimate ways to make money, but another way that pornography is distributed is by selling or simply just sending nudes to others. I feel as though there is a more negative connotation towards nudes, even though it is usually a more private way to distribute porn. Is this just me?

I think it comes down to the general perception, fair or not, that nude photos are sent unsolicited over the internet. Now, nude photos that the taker wants to send and the receiver wants to look at shouldn't have any negative connotations around them. Consenting adults should do what they want!
As to selling nude photos, I personally haven't encountered any more negativity around that practice than I have around porn actors.

I think that nude photos do have a more negative stigma. More often than not they're being sent between two people and it's meant for one person and not the entire world. However, people view that as being bad for whatever reason. I don't think either one should be looked down upon. Porn is how some people make a living and send nudes is one way to feel closer to someone you can't see at the moment.

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