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Societies problem?

Why do you think sexual assault is such a problem in America? Is it our society that is making this okay? Or do you think it is just human nature?

Sexual assault (relating to women) is such a problem in America because compared to other crimes it is seen as less important, especially in a society where women's sexuality is already seen as something that belongs to men. There are too many cases where the woman is often painted in a negative light by the defense that sways a jury's mind based on pre existing judgments they have. Women are often questioned what were they wearing, why were they in that area, did they say no?
Sexual assault (relating to men) is a problem because men have pressure to want any sex offered to them, and if they don't take it there's something wrong with them, or they're gay (which is so wrong on so many levels). This leads a lot of boys and men to not report sexual assaults that take place because it's embarrassing to admit they didn't want to have, or that they were taken advantage of by a woman. Just like how people often don't understand mental and emotional abuse in relationships, people don't understand coercion and manipulation in sexual assault cases.
I don't think society means to make it ok, I just think the atmospheres society have created makes it very tricky to navigate. Men are expected to be hypersexual, making it difficult to report an unwanted sexual experience. Women are supposed to avoid promiscuity, and when put in a situation are questioned why they were there in the first place. I don't think sexual assault is human nature.

I believe that sexual assault is a big problem in America because society has somehow made it normalized. There are so many cases where the victim is meant to feel like a liar, and that it is their fault. This occurs because sexual assault cases can get easily get opted out by being a white male with a great deal of money, such as the Brock Turner case. Questions are normally asked to women to make it seem as if they were the cause of their abuse such as, "what were you wearing? did you say no? why were you there?" This, in turn, makes women feel powerless and that they shouldn't even try to get the justice they deserve. I do not believe that sexual abuse is human nature because not everyone is involved in sexual assault.

I do not think that sexual assault has been normalized in our society, not to say that it is not an issue. Obviously sexual assault is an issue in todays society. Between men and women being sexually assaulted there needs to be a more organized and justified way of solving these cases so that the right person is held accountable for what they have been accused of. I also believe that there is not enough teaching or awareness on sexual assault in todays society.

I definitely think that rape and sexual assault is not something in our human nature. I think that there is a complete lack of discussion around this topic. for many years assault has been so normalized especially in marriages. people are so often distraught in abusive marriages about what to do and if they should leave or if they are making a big deal out of nothing. I am not sure how we as a society can do something to help with this problem we face. but i definitely think that we need to talk more about the problem in order to start to fix it.

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