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Homophobia surrounding certain sports

In western cultures, participating in certain sports such as gymnastics, swimming and diving, dance, figure skating, cheer, etc are labelled as the "gay" sports. Why do you think this is seeing as athletes are some of the strongest and athletic individuals?

I think that in the homophobic culture of the 1950's-70's, sports were very gender specific, and the number of men who participated in these sports was low. When only a few boys competed in a female dominated sport, the stereotype was born. I think these stereotypes are fading (gladly) but it will take some time to work out a way of thinking that was so engrained in the culture for so long.

I think this homophobic idea around sports really grew from the idea that men were better at brute force and strength while women were more agile and graceful so therefore there are sports that were socialized or more common for the genders. The outlier in the sports whether it's a woman in basketball or a man in swimming, both are going to be called gay since they must just be so similar to the opposite gender since they are the minority or outlier in the sport. We need to stop putting gender and sexuality as a factor in someone's activities or day to day life and just let people decide what defines them.

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