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Is porn educating?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to know your thoughts on pornography and whether or not it's educating or misleading. After reading His Porn, Her Pain, do you guys have any thoughts on these connecting?

I suppose it could be both. Misleading in the fact that sex isn't usually like how they displaying it pornography. It is also educational because that is the media platform that most people go to when they really have no clue about sex. Some films can teach people the concept of foreplay and arousing your partner, while others can show you all of the different forms of sexual intercourse.

I think porn can be educating in some ways. Someone might want to learn how to do different positions or new things which watching porn can help them with that. However, porn is not reality. Porn is not how most sex is. People might think they should be having experiences just like the porn they watched.

I feel that porn can be a little bit of both but more so not educating. I think this because it is unrealistic and these are actors working in the porn industry. These actors are doing this for a job and the directors are telling them what to do and how to do it. People may learn a new technique or so while watching porn but I feel that it is unrealistic.

I think porn can be help educate us in certain settings. Although a lot of the porn that is created is unrealistic, it is interesting for certain people to watch. If someone has no clue what they're doing relating to sex, they may watch a video to learn. I think it can be educational for younger viewers but for the more educated, it is a completely different platform.

The way I see porn is that certain aspects of it can be educating as in positions, areas of pleasure, and that women enjoy being pleasured too. But although much of porn can be misleading by how the "scenarios" play out that lead to sex which is completely unrealistic in real life.

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