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First time

During high school, both of my parents were at work so I decided to have my girlfriend over and we decided to have sex for the first time. So we hooked up for awhile then it was go time. I put on a condom and we started to have sex. About 10 minutes into it my penis started to hurt. I was confused as I have heard of girl's first time being painful but never a guys. So despite this I kept going for a little bit longer. A little bit later I pulled out because it hurt too much and I looked at my penis and it, along with the whole region, was covered in hives. I have some other allergies so I knew what to do, I took Benadryl but that didn't work and the reaction got worse. My face started to swell up and I could feel my throat starting to close so I used my epipen, had my girlfriend call 911 and I texted my parents and told them that I was having an allergic reaction and I was going to the hospital. So I ended up passing out in the ambulance and I woke up in the hospital later that night with both my parents in the room. My parents were very happy to see me wake up and then they started asking questions about what I ate and how I think the allergic reaction started. I kept answering "I don't know" and naming the food I had eaten that day. Eventually the doctor came in the room and asked me where I first noticed the reaction and I had to regrettably answer with two words: my penis. My mom looked very angry and my dad was holding back laughter. I was horrified in the moment but now looking back on it, it was pretty funny.

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