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Men vs. Women

Lately, I've noticed a lot of posts and discusses amoung people of my generation and the topic is why it's weird for women to talk about masturbation, but for men it's almost a second nature. When I was in middle school I remember, but not well, men in my classes talking about that kind of stuff so casually, almost bragging about it or making fun it in some weird way, but for women it's never discussed because women are almost embarrased by it. I mean, any women out there, have you ever talked about when you masturbate to your friends? However even though it is something that is incredibly personal, I feel like it shouldn't be looked at as such a 'dirty' thing to talk about. I mean, it's almost just as normal as sex is. So why isn't it talked about as normally as sex is? What're your thoughts 🙂

In the United States, sex education is lacking immensely. Most children learn about sex and masturbation from their peers. I think a lot of women are convinced that it's "unladylike" to openly discuss that information. It wasn't until I was in college that I fully embraced discussing masturbation and sexual interests openly to my friends. My girlfriends and I frequently talk about it and even share things we've learned. It's totally not a 'dirty' thing to talk about, there just happens to be a huge stigma behind it.

I used to not tell people I masturbated, but after going to sex toy parties and opening up through that I felt more comfortable talking about it and I say it to men as well and they really don't care. You really just have to be confident and open about it and not let others think it's weird because it isn't!

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