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is masturbating to much an issue?


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I believe that you can masturbate as much as you want without feeling a sense of guilt afterward. This is a personal choice as I believe it is the most important to do what is best for your personal self.

I don't think it would present an issue unless it disturbed daily activities and interaction for others. If your body feels good doing it an it makes you more relaxed or happier afterwards then its fine.

I don't think that masturbating is an issue. I think that if a person is harmful to the public while doing it (while at USM someone went around in a car masturbating and trying to get students in his car.) If it isn't extreme like that, I think that masturbation is completely natural and normal. Especially because if a person likes to masturbate frequently instead of sex; the risk of STI's or pregnancy isn't there. Overall, I don't think that masturbation is an issue at all and I think it's healthy.

Generally, I don't think that masturbation is an issue. It's very natural to want to feel pleasure, and you aren't always going to have someone else around to fulfill that need for pleasure. As long as masturbation isn't creating larger scale problems, like harming others, or not being able to perform your daily tasks, etc... why should we care if someone chooses to masturbate?


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