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Social Media Censorship

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have always had fairly strict nudity policies while others like twitter and tumblr have nudity plastered everywhere on their platform. Who is right? Should nudity be censored from these platforms or is this censorship further stigmatizing human body parts as sexual symbols?

I think it is good to have a balance between different social media platforms and what they allow. Those platforms each bring different audiences, Facebook leaning more towards the older generations. Tumblr and twitter are more prevalent among the younger generation, hence why it is more appropriate for them to have more lenient nudity policies. It is also good to have a choice, because if you are someone who is uncomfortable with nudity, then instagram and facebook are more for you. It is hard to please everyone, so I think a balance of the two is important.

I think censorship is necessary to a certain extent on social media platforms, especially considering that in this day and age many users are so young, but not in such extreme ways as it is now. Personally, when I joined Facebook I was 12 years old and Instagram when I was 14. Of course, children shouldn't be completely safeguarded from aspects of the human body, although there are some things which are appropriate and others which are not. Seeing the body in its natural form through photography or childbirth is something I don't believe should be censored. Porn, on the other hand, doesn't need to have a place on social media since there are already websites which exist for that.

Aside from all of this, I wonder what the reason for censoring nudity is. Leaving porn out of the topic, what is the reason that nudity needs to be censored? There are no effects the individuals face when they see a naked body, the naked body is not illegal, and we all have one and know what they look like. So my question here is, what does everyone else think the reasons are for nudity being so hidden and censored in our society?

Although it is important for young kids on social media to be somewhat censored to what is posted, I feel as though social media does not need to censor as much as it does. People must be comfortable with their bodies and learn to understand that their body parts are not sex symbols. the more uncensored that social media becomes, the more normalized human body parts will become and hopefully lead people to feel more comfortable with their bodies.

As much as I agree that there should be some type of censorship on social media, I do not think it needs to be as extensive. First of all I do not think people should be banned from platforms just for expressing themselves in a way that others do not agree with. If someone wants to post a photo of them is some type of seductive/riske way, let them do it. I do not think that there should be any type of "hard core" porn posted, yet a nip here and there wont kill anyone. From this though I am all for free the nip movement, if you don't want to see it don't look. There should be some type of filter as in the click to see sensitive content, not just having the platform delete the picture and you be band or suspended from the platform. There are many sides to each argument, but in the end I am all for expressing yourself and showing what you got. This is not only for woman, but men also. Nudity is natural, and if you are happy with what you have show it. Don't hate what people have and you don't, love what you have and others don't.

I agree. Some censorship may be needed just because so many young children now have social media accounts. But I think that for instance on Instagram and Twitter, if someone has a private account they should be able to post what they like cause it is private except to those who follow them and if people don't want to see that content they can unfollow them. On the other hand Facebook is a bit more open and its easier to see may peoples photos so pictures being censored may be more necessary for people who may not want to see that content on their pages. I think people should be confident with their bodies and should be free to post pictures that they like but maybe only on private accounts.

All forms of social media should follow the same level of censorship. The censorship doesn't have to be extremely strict seeing as the internet holds everything and social media is just a part of that. Yes there are young people on these forms of social media but the level of censorship on the media shouldn't be determined by the audience the parents of these younger kids need o decide if they feel their children are old enough and mature enough to spend time on social media. Social media, and the internet as a whole isn't made for kids.

I feel as though the media tries to adhere to a strict level of censorship that it has an effect of everything you could say. If you suggest/say something that shouldn't be taken in a certain light, censorship could cause problems by censoring good portions and only allowing negative influence to focus on the blatancy of these accusations. Now you could see that in politics, or products that scam their consumers into buying their products, or even in propaganda. Granted these are often limited but its happening on a more frequent level.

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