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Friends with Benefits


For a friends with benefits situation I agree with what most have said. Communication about expectations are necessary. I've recently been in a situation with poor communication and it has caused high tension in our friendship. I'm ultimately deciding to end the relationship before it hardly begun because I don't think that the other person is capable of communicating their expectations properly. I believe that it is possible to do, but very rare for it to work out and remain friends afterwards.

I have been friends with benefits with a few people over the past couple years. In my experience someone always ends up catching feelings and usually it results in a relationship. Honestly this is how I usually end up getting into relationships. I think this is a good way to feel a connection with someone without having any strong commitment. Although I do feel that without proper communication, feelings can easily be hurt. In my experience when you have a FWB the biggest reason for hurt feelings is when someone sleeps with someone other than the FWB because boundaries were not set in the relationship.

Friends with benefits can either go good or bad. Personally, I had an ex, when we broke up we continued to just be friends with benefits and it worked out pretty great for both of us. Feelings got in the way at times though. Jealousy would still continue to kick in. But a perk of it being my ex was that we were able to communicate with each other very easily about other sexual partners and things happening while we were being friends with benefits. It did become hard at times because the physical contact kept the feelings strong but we were both mature enough to know if it could continue or not.


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