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Would you ever have an abortion?


There are two reasons that I would have an abortion. One is that if there were health implications to either myself or the baby, and was threatening our lives. The second reason I would get an abortion is if I was sexually abused. I am definitely pro-life, but obviously there are good reasons as to why a women should get an abortion sometimes.

I am a male however if I got my partner pregnant, personally I would only be okay with an abortion if the baby or mothers lives were at risk but in the end it is the mothers choice

At this time it is difficult to say whether I would have an abortion at this point in my life because it is not something I am currently dealing with. When it comes down to it I think it all depends on the situation. If I were not in a good place to have a child I would probably choose abortion simply because I wouldn't be able to give the kid the life he/she deserves. Being in college and working part time, I am not currently able to support a child financially, emotionally, and mentally. Abortion however can take a toll in ones mental health and I think I would have a very difficult time making the decision and I would make sure to look at all possible outcomes.

It depends on the situation I am in if I would end up getting pregnant while I'm in college I would get an abortion. I want to be stable and be able to take care of my child when I have them. However, it all depends on the situation.

I would have an abortion if I knew I was not prepared for the responsibility of having a child.

Abortion is quite a serious subject that should not be taken lightly, but if I was in a situation where I could not handle the responsibility of having a child yet or if mine and/or the baby's health was at a huge risk then it would definitely be something I would have to consider.

It depends on the situation Im in. As of now, Im unsure of what I would do because I am not in the situation where I have to decide. However, becoming pregnant before you're financially and mentally ready would cause drastic stress and if you aren't capable of raising a baby at such a young age then abortion could be your only option.

I would not. I have faith in God and I truest believe that every life has a purpose. I believe life begins as conception.

I definitely agree that women have the right to end their pregnancy if harm could be caused to themselves or the fetus. If it came down to myself having to consider the harm of my own body or if I were not able to support the child, I would consider an abortion. I do not believe women should go through with pregnancy knowing after having the child they would have to give them up.

I'm pro choice and would have an abortion if I thought I was unable to provide for the child and if it was still early enough to do the procedure. However, this definitely wouldn't be an easy choice and I know I would feel guilty and sad about for a long time. I do believe it is a woman's choice to choose what she does with her body, especially because pregnancy and birth is not an easy process.


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