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Since you have been in college what kind of new sexual knowledge have you learned?(not from a class)

Since coming to college I have learned that many people are into so many different things when it comes to sex. I feel like I have been introduced to a whole other world that I never really knew existed and I find that super interesting.

I've learned that Talking about sex is not as taboo as I once thought it was, and by talking about it you learn a lot more.

Since I have been in college I have learned that everyone in college is pretty open about their sex lives. I feel like college students are the only ones who really don't care much and will talk about sex openly, while high schoolers and adults are more quiet. I have also learned a lot from this class about sexuality.

Since being in school sex is a much more casual conversation topic, I have learned that many many people are into much kinkier sex than before. I have also learned that many, many, college students don't use a form of birth control, or any kind of prevention.

Since coming to college I have seen how openly people talk about their sex lives. It seems like in college sex is all a game, a game of who can get with more people. I have also learned more about the variety and complexity's of ones sexual attraction and identity.

Since being at college I realized how much more common it is to talk about sex. In high school I would talk about sex to my closest friends. In college talking about sex with people is common and not weird. It is nice that sex is not talked about as being a huge deal. It is more of a topic that is common and normal.

Honestly, I haven't learned anything new. College is very very similar to my high school, and talking with my group of friends. Sex has never been a thing to hide or not to discuss around others, and even most of my teachers in high school.

Since being in college what I have learned outside of class is when I first arrived at college it was I noticed the hookup culture associated with college. In my high school which was rather small there really wasn't a hookup culture but when I came to college I saw how common sex is and saw how normal and natural it is rather then the way sex was taught throughout my school years prior to college.

Since coming to college, I have realized that people are way more about their sexuality and are more open about their bodies. I feel like before people would never openly talk about their bodies or any problems that they would be having. But now, you could be walking to class and here a group of girls talking about their last hookup or problems with their relationships and that is seen as normal!


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