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Why is there so much emphasis on female contraceptives vs. male contraceptives?

What are your guys thoughts on this?

I think there is so much emphasis on female contraceptives because although both can get sti's at the end of the day the female is the one who will get pregnant so there is a greater focus on being safe on her end I do not see it as being a double standard I think fact of the matter it is the girl that gets pregnant so there are greater precautions she needs to take to be safer. Currently off the top of my head the only male contraceptive I can think of is condoms but those are arguably the biggest player in safe sex so birth control is huge for women and condoms are huge for men it does balance out in one way or another.

We also have to remember that it takes two to tango so why should there be so much emphasis on the females' need to use contraceptives when the male shares just as much responsibility. Just feel like this is something that should be talked more about as it seems to be a double standard. Maybe a male pill form of birth control to hit the market in the near future, perhaps?

Maybe because female contraceptives are a more planned out routine contraceptive rather than a spur of the moment one like a condom. A birth control pill is routinely taken regardless if sex will take place. I think that is the reason female contraception is emphasized more because it is used more routinely.

Female contraceptives are really only efficient when used routinely. Thus placing a greater emphasis on the importance of them, as stated above it does not necessarily have anything to do with being male or female it is just the way that birth control (the pill) works only when taken daily, if you miss the pill one day it can throw off a whole cycle.

Going off of what others have posted, I agree there is more emphasis on women using contraception than males. I think a reason could be the fact that women, in a sexual encounter, are the ones who would become pregnant. They have to worry about their period each month. I also think women can be more responsible in certain situations regarding things that are important. One example being remembering to take a pill each night or scheduling a docto'rs appointment for an implant or shot. However, I think science should continue to do more research. Men should take some responsibility as well if they don't want to impregnant someone. Or at least be more open to talking about condom use and contraception rather than sy away from the subject.

there is more emphasis on females rather than males cause you have to remember that using a condom for a man removes the feeling of the vagina, rather a women can hope on birth control and us as men can still have the feeling during intercourse. And to bite off what someone else said there the one getting pregnant not us so I think that puts more pressure on them to have it than males.


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