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Stigma surrounding abortion


I grew up in a catholic family. Because of this, my parents always told me that abortion wasn’t always the best option. I think that there is a negative light on abortion because people think that the mother is just trying to get rid of it.

The most common stigmas are negative towards the woman terminating the pregnancy. For example, women being murderers because of the action they are taking to some individuals. It could be also proclaimed as dirty, unsafe, or unhealthy. It's interesting that these stigmas can be used to talk women out of the procedure. I can't believe that we live in a society that deems it okay to manipulate people who are in a vulnerable place to have them make a choice that you want and not what they want.

there is a lot of stigma going around about abortion. Most of it comes from the pro life/pro choice argument, however some of it comes from the way it's painted, either by the media, or people who form there own opinions about it. As was said on here before, some of it comes from the pro life/pro choice argument, and other stigmas come from the abortion as birth control aspect. While I would like to think that most mothers will think about the choice, unfortunately not all of them do, and there are some people out there who are perfectly happy with using abortion as birth control. Interestingly enough, one that I've heard quite a bit is that if a woman had to have an abortion, she should close her legs. As was also said before, more often than not, it's put souly on the woman. No one thinks the men might be responsible, and no one holds the men responsible.

There is a large stigma around abortion including that it is un-natural, unhealthy, unethical or gross. Of course it depends on who you talk to, because some people are much more welcoming and open-minded than others, but it all depends on their view of pro-life or pro-choice.

I think that there is two stigmas around abortion that people think of, either you are a bad person if you get one or you are a great person and for life. I don't agree with these stigmas for abortion, or think that their should be any about it at all. Abortion is a women's choice with how they want to do with their body to handle the situation they are in. I think that society should stop labeling and putting bad thoughts in people's head when it comes to topics like this, so women in this case have the freedom to do what they want without judgement. I think the world shouldn't listen to the stigmas around certain topics and allow people to do what they want to make themselves happy in their life.


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