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During High School (and even college) virginity has continued to be a huge discussion point. I've found that both women and men think its a crucial part of their adolescence, and almost want to get it over with. I also find that people lie about their virginity status because they're either embarrassed or ashamed of where they stand.
I'm not asking you to share when you lost your virginity (but please do if you feel comfortable.) I'm more so wondering why virginity is looked at in this manner. Is it because sexuality is a key stepping stone in adulthood, or what?

In high school when I was 16 I was really nervous to lose my virginity and made my boyfriend at the time (who was 18) wait 8 months into our relationship before I would have sex with him and lose my virginity. I think the thing that made me so nervous about having sex was 1) the fear of it hurting (which it really didn't), and 2) the fear of "what if I'm bad at it"?
These seem to be very common fears for woman I know when they lost their virginity.

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend at the time when I was a senior in High School. I considered this good timing because I continuously told myself that I would not go to college a virgin. Although this sounds ridiculous, I'm happy with my choice as I had a fair share of hookups my freshman year. Im glad I got to have sex for the first time with someone I trusted and cared about. Unlike Wildnreckless, sex hurt very bad for the first time, and I also bled. I guess the experience for everyone is different.

I lost my virginity when I was 15 to my boyfriend who I am currently still dating. At the time when I lost it, I really wanted to and we had been together for 9 months so we both felt it was the right time. Losing your virginity wont be like in the movies, it can be awkward and uncomfortable. For me, it was a very painful experience and happened on the floor in my finished basement at my house. So the moment doesn't always have to be special but I do think its important that the person is special to you. I know some people who regret who they have lost their virginity to or some people who think they just want to get it over with. I think its important to wait until you trust and care about someone.

The word virginity I feel is used widely today. We say things like lost our smoking virginity, or lost our harvest moon virginity, silly things like that. I believe it is because its very common in our society, virginity is something to be lost, we all lose our virginity at different stages of our lives, I think ultimately it is just whenever you are ready for it.

I lost my virginity at the age of 15, I was a freshmen in and he was a senior in high school and we weren't dating or really talking but I thought it was cool to hang out with a senior. His nickname was "cherry popper" and "goodtime" and that should have been my first red flag. I was young and naive and thought it was cool and was ready to get it over with. Then I lied and told my new boyfriend that he was my first so I wouldn't upset him or feel embarrassed.

I think that losing your virginity is a part of growing up that is very much overrated. yes, it is something that happens to almost everyone but it doesn't have to be as "magical" or "special" as it is shown in the movies. It is something that happens at different ages for everyone and you should never be ashamed of when you lost your virginity.

I agree with a lot of the ideas people are saying - I also think that virginity is overrated. I think the idea of loosing your virginity in a "special", "magical", or "romantic" way puts a lot of stress on teenagers, especially females. Sex is overwhelming enough, but the idea that is has this unrealistic expectation is really sad. I used to think loosing your virginity was a huge deal, and it stressed me out to the point that it was unhealthy. Sex is a normal, natural thing that should not be over analyzed.

A lot of feminists tend to understate the significance of one's virginity, because of religious obsession over it. For me, it was an eye-opening experience of entering adulthood. I think the significance is individual in nature. I think it can mean whatever one wants it to. It should just be safe with someone you like and trust.

For awhile I avaoided the question about virginity because I will still ashamed to be one my senior year of high school. It sounds stupid now but it seemed like everyone was doing it and I felt left out. I do feel like losing virginity is a big step, for me it was anyway. I'm glad I waited to do it with someone I trusted.

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