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Abortion/Birth ControlTalk about the worries of unwanted pregnancy. Discuss some of the new and traditional ways that you can avoid putting yourself at risk of pregnancy. Offer your thoughts on abortion.
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Cross Cultural PerspectivesA place to share what you have learned from living in or traveling around other countries. What? Everyone else isn't just like us?!
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Embarrassing Sex StoriesWe've all got at least one (or two!). Share your most embarrassing moments here. You don't need to reveal your true identity - you can make up a user name.
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Erotica/PornographyOffer your ideas and observations concerning the exciting world of XXX. Talk to others about some of your experiences and thoughts related to erotica. What do you consdier pornography?
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HomophobiaLet's talk about what is going on - and why some people have a hard time accepting the fact that there are different sexual orientations.
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Love/DatingHas your heart been skipping a few beats? Feel free to discuss the feelings and emotions that come with meeting that special someone. Discussion of dating dilemmas welcome!
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MasturbationNo one's looking, so open up and discuss your feelings and observations when it comes to masturbation.
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Men's SexualityA place for men to discuss the unique issues they face related to love, sex and dating.
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Safer Sex IssuesLet's talk about how to get your sexual partner to use a condom, what we need to know to protect ourselves, etc. Does your campus do anything for National Condom Week (always the week of Valentine's Day)?
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Sex EducationDiscuss your own experience - at home, in school, within your religious organization. How did you learn where babies come from? Were your parents "askable"? What was your education in school? Too little, too late?
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Sex in the MediaDiscuss your perspectives on sex in television, films, radio, the internet.
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Women's SexualityCome in and discuss the various aspects of women’s sexuality. For there is someone out there waiting to hear your thoughts.
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Sexual Assault/RapeDiscuss your thoughts on sexual assault on the college campus - why don't more people report their experience, the #MeToo movement, groups like Men Against Rape.
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