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The top books every college student should read about sex.

The Sex Lives of College Students: A Quarter Century of Attitudes and Behaviors
By Sandra L. Caron

Results are presented of more than a 100-question human sexuality survey administered over the past quarter century (from 1990 to 2015) to thousands of college students ages 18-22. The goal is to better understand their sexual attitudes and behaviors, as well as trends. The findings raise awareness and provide perspective about students' understanding of sex matters and related difficult issues, and tell us we still have a long way to go before people own their sexuality

The Guide to Getting It On
by Paul Joannides

The only book where it's almost as much fun to read about sex as it is to have sex. And it just keeps getting better.

Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want form Sex and How to Get It.
By Marty Klein

This is not your standard sex book. Sex therapist, sociologist, and Psychology Today contributor Dr. Marty Klein goes beyond the sex manuals to reveal how our mindsets during sex are more important than any tricks or techniques—and that the way to a healthier, more exciting, more fulfilling sex life lies in first developing our sexual intelligence.

By Alice Sebold

Alice Sebold's compelling memoir of her rape at the age of eighteen is a story that takes hold of you and won't let go. Sebold fulfills a promise that she made to herself in the very tunnel where she was raped: someday she would write a book about her experience. Important for understanding the impact of sexual assault.

A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems
By Ellyn Kaschak and Leonore Tiefer

This fascinating book looks at the wide-ranging therapeutic, social, and political implications of the new paradigm of women’s sexuality. International in scope and multidisciplinary in approach.

The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women
By Jessica Valenti

The United States is obsessed with virginity — from the media to schools to government agencies. In The Purity Myth, Jessica Valenti argues that the country’s intense focus on chastity is damaging to young women.

Performing Sex
By Breanne Fahs

A candid and provocative critique of women’s sexual liberation in America. Although conventional wisdom holds that women in the United States today are more sexually liberated than ever before, a number of startling statistics call into question this perceived victory. A must read.

Sex Matters for College Students: FAQs in Human Sexuality (2nd Ed)
by Sandra L. Caron

Everyone has questions about sex... see what your fellow college students are asking - and get sensible and sensitive advice from one of America's best college sex professors.

America's War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and LIberty (2nd Edition)
by Marty Klein

"In our free society, people have the right to choose how they live their lives."-- President George Bush, June 3, 2006. So why does our government want to censor what you read, hear, and see? try to limit your access to contraception? attempt to legislate "good moral values"? try to brainwash your kids about "abstinence"?These are the kinds of questions Dr. Marty Klein asks--and answers--in his new book, America's War on Sex.

For Each Other : Sharing Sexual Intimacy
by Lonnie Garfield Barbach

A classic. For every college woman who was left in the dark about how her body works and how to find real pleasure. A great guide for her male partner as well.

The Courage to Heal : A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (20th Anniversary Edition)
by Ellen Bass (Preface), Laura Davis (Preface)

Don't be confused by the title. This survivor's self-help guide is useful for both men and women. If you have experienced sexual abuse (or if someone you love has), this manual is for you. A workbook is also available.


Sex Around The World:
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human Sexuality (5th Edition)

by Sandra L. Caron

You think what we do in America is the norm? Think again! This book allows you compare the U.S. to the rest of the world in terms of issues like abortion, birth control, LGBT issues, homosexuality, sex education, and prostitution. You'll realize we have a long way to go in terms of promoting responsible, healthy sexual behavior.


Sex Around The World

How to Survive the Loss of a Love
by Peter McWilliams, Harold H. Bloomfield, Melba Colgrove

If you have ever broken up with someone and found it hard to move on, this book will help you. Life is learning to let go ­ this book will show you how.

Sex for One : The Joy of Selfloving
by Betty Dodson

Written by the "queen of masturbation" ­ she examines our attitudes, and provides some interesting techniques for self-pleasuring. This book will help you let go of any guilt you may still be carrying around about masturbation. Keep in mind: With all these sexually transmitted diseases floating around, sex with yourself is certainly the safest form of sex these days!


Women's Sexualities : Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance
by Carol Rinkleib Ellison

At last, here is every woman's story. This book fills the void in our understanding of women's experiences. The best practical guide ever published for women who are seeking validation of themselves as women.


My Secret Garden : Women's Sexual Fantasies
by Nancy Friday

What? You thought only men had sexual thoughts? Think again! This book will blow your mind, and give you great ideas for future fantasies. It's about sexual freedom.


The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart
by Peter J. Gomes

I know, this seems like an unlikely choice for a book list on sex. But, let me ask you: Do you get tired of people who use the Bible to promote intolerance and sexual discrimination? Whether you consider yourself religious or not, this book thoughtfully examines the Bible and what it really has to say about sexual tolerance.

How Can You Tell if You're Really in Love?
by Sol Gordon

Before you enter another relationship, you have to read this book. A practical guide with sound advice on love and relationships. Anything by Sol Gordon is worth reading.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
by John Mordechai Gottman, Nan Silver

I know what you're thinking: marriage seems a long, long way away. Don't be turned off by the title ­ this book is a terrific guide for keeping your long-term relationship just that: long-term. Required reading for anyone who wants to stay in a committed relationship.


From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children (2nd Ed)
by Debra W. Haffner, Alyssa Haffner Tartaglione

Okay, so maybe your parent's weren't the greatest when it came to talking about sex. But, you will be. This book covers everything. Assuming most of you will be parents one day, this book will help you plan ahead.


Contraceptive Technology (21st Ed)
by Robert A. Hatcher

Everything you need to know about birth control ­ and maybe more than you thought you needed to know! Excellent reference guide. All your questions related to contraception will be answered.


Enabling Romance : A Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships for the Disabled (And the People Who Care About Them)
by Ken Kroll, Erica Levy Klein

Great book describing how sex continues even after a disability develops. For "temporarily abled" college students ­ and for those who find themselves in a relationship with someone who has a disability.

The Naked Truth About Sex
by Roger Libby

A Guide to Intelligent Sexual Choices for Teenagers and Twentysomethings

Naked Truth

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex (4th Edition)
by Sari Locker

Say no more. lots of useful information!

Sex Camp
by Brian McNaught

“Sex Camp” is the fictionalized account of the Annual Workshop on Sexuality at Thornfield, an actual weeklong SAR that was held at an Episcopal Church retreat facility for thirty years, and led by some of the top names in the field, including Bill Stayton, Pam Wilson, Alison Deming, Dick Cross, Carol Dopp, and the author, Brian McNaught.

Sex Camp

Now That I'm Out What Do I Do?
by Brian McNaught

Whether you are gay or straight, this book is essential for understanding life's journey to love and accept one's self, as well as others. Life changing book about tolerance, acceptance and love.


The Heart and Soul of Sex
by Gina Ogden

What thousands of women say about their sex lives - and what it can mean for you.

Heart and Soul of Sex

Women Who Love Sex: An Inquiry into the Expanding Spirit of Women's Erotic Experience
by Gina Ogden

What does ecstatic sex feel like—and how do you get there?  This book shows what happens when women move beyond performance definitions to experience power and energy in all aspects of their lives. A "must read" for both men and women!

And the Band Played on : Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic
by Randy Shilts

Ever wonder about the history of AIDS and why it took so long for the U.S. to respond? Important insight into how our society's homophobia and discomfort with sex lead to an epidemic.


The RoMANtic's Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love
by Michael Webb

We all need love in our life. Here's how to keep those feelings alive.


Sex for Dummies (3rd Ed)
by Ruth K. Westheimer, Stacy Collins (Editor)

Enjoy her guide to great, and safe, sex!


The New Male Sexuality, Revised Edition
by Bernie Zilbergeld

The ultimate authority on men. This book has EVERYTHING you need to know. The best practical guide for men (and women who are in relationships with men) on sex.




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